Our team of staff consist of a group of experienced, committed and highly skilled individuals who came together to establish the WAHEF organization to help make a difference in the lives of people all over the world

Kingsley Theophilus Okyir


Executive Director

Kingsley is the main director of the entire organization and he welcomes all of our volunteers and interns to Ghana. He is responsible for representing the organization in all official meetings with our international and local partners. Mr. Okyir has a great experience in the setting up and running of his own businesses over the years which he has seen tremendous success in them. He brings a great deal of experience and success to our team of staff.

Stephen Manford


Co-founder and General Manager

Stephen is one of the brains behind the creation of the whole organisation and is currently the general manger. He has great experience in working with international volunteers since August 2011 and was a volunteer supervisor for his previous employer for Six years. Mr. Manford is responsible for all the day to day activities of the organisation and ensures that there is always a good cooperation among all the components of the organisation. He is also responsible in helping and assisting all incoming volunteers and interns with visa related questions and all the paper works needed. He is also tasked with record keeping and taking of inventory and basically runs the office and does most of the office work.

Prince Charles Okyir


Co-founder and Projects Coordinator

Prince or Babs like everyone calls him is the other big brain behind the establishment and the setting up of this organisation and he now holds the position as the projects coordinator. He helped in the location and the establishment of all the project placements in and around the Cape Coast metropolitan area where we operate.  He also serves as a link between the organisation, the placements and our volunteers and makes sure that there is a nice and friendly relationship among all the parties involved all the time. He is also responsible for briefing the volunteers about their projects before he introduces them to it.

Michael Dennis


Volunteer Supervisor

Dennis as most people call him is one of our newest members of staff and he is one of the two volunteer supervisors we have in the organisation at the moment. He does induction for volunteers and interns when they arrive in cape coast by showing them around the city and then introducing them to their various host families. He provides assistance to volunteers 24/7 and he is always available whenever you need his help.

Enoch Quaison


Volunteer Supervisor

Enoch is the second volunteer coordinator and he holds a Higher National Diploma in Marketing from the Cape Coast Polytechnic. He has many duties including picking up and dropping off volunteers and interns at the airport and he also responsible for doing induction sometimes with his other colleague Dennis when we have a big group of volunteers at the same time. Mr. Quaison has great experience of working with international volunteers for the past Seven years for another international volunteering organisation.