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Ghana is well known for its rich heritage in sports for many years running. Some of the most popular sporting events we have in the country include: Football (Soccer), Boxing, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Golf and Athletics.

Football or Soccer as the Americans call it, has actually taken over the other sports and infected the entire country with that football fever feeling. Football has become the main sporting activity in Ghana and you can see that in every street corner and alleys where kids of all ages all the way to adults practice on a daily basis.

The sports project is designed to occupy most of the kids in and around the Cape Coast area who run around the communities after school doing nothing other than just causing troubles at home and in the community as well. We also use sports as a tool for human and social development of young people. Apart from developing their talents in sports, young people uses sports to address social issues.

Sometimes when the organization gets donations, we take some to the sports placements to give to the kids from the various sporting groups who goes to the sports programs everyday but don’t have shoes, shirts or shorts.

As an organisation, we use the help of our volunteers and interns to encourage the children to do different kinds of sports to bring out the talents in them and also use sports activities to teach them about social values like: unity, respect, patience, teamwork and supporting and helping one another.

Roles of a sports Volunteer:

-coaching of children between the ages of 5-15.

-train with players and teams in the Division league of Ghana football.

-training and teaching children about different sports and the rules and values of that sporting activity for example basketball, volleyball, rugby and not only football.

-escorting children or teams to competitive games in different locations in the country.

-collection of sports donations like: jerseys, gloves, shin pads, boots and socks are always needed and welcomed on the sports projects (it can be new or used, it does not matter). It can always make a difference.

Partner teams/organizations:

-Ebenezer soccer club – Cape Coast

-Hoops Care International (Basketball) – Cape Coast

-Cape Coast Rugby Stars – Cape Coast

-Their Beautiful Game – Sydney, Australia

-Kempten Football Club – Kempten, Germany