Poor sanitation in Ghana still remains a big challenge despite the massive efforts over the years to tackle and improve it. Due to the increase in urban population and the introduction of sachet water and the polythene wrappers, the country is struggling to cope with the rate at which poor sanitation is on the rise.

When you take a stroll down the streets of the big cities, towns and villages, you will see a wide range of insanitary conditions all over. We all know the major outcomes of poor sanitation if not taken care of or properly managed. It cause all kind of diseases and sickness which sometimes could be fatal.


Some of the Causes of Poor Sanitation are;

Lack of Proper Drainage and Waste Management System. There are a lot of open sewers and gutters everywhere which are not cleaned properly or regularly and this accounts to them getting chocked which sometimes causes flooding anytime there comes heavy rainfall. These poor management systems also create room for the breading of mosquitoes and other insects which in a long run causes malaria. Some of the pipelines are sometimes out there in the open and broken or vandalized and can be open to germs.

Lack of Public Awareness and Proper Education. There is the need for proper education and public awareness to the local people about how important sanitation is and the differences and changes it can bring to their daily lives. They need to be educated on how fast disease can spread due to germs and poor sanitation practices. Most people are not aware that trash problems in Ghana contribute to growing number of sicknesses and diseases in the country.

Ignorance by The People. Ignorance is a key factor to the rise of poor sanitation in Ghana. Some of the locals need a change of mindset and adjust to changing times. They need to change some of their behaviors and practices. It is no longer and has never been right and acceptable to throw rubbish on the ground and in the gutters.


Some Outcomes of Poor Sanitation are;

.Outbreak of Cholera


.Tuberculosis (TB)

.Guinea worn



.Loss of properties



Prevention and Control Methods of Poor Sanitation

.Education should be the gateway in battling this issue. People need to be educated about everything on sanitation.

.There should be regular community cleaning days so that the people can clean up all the gutters and sewers from chocking.

.There should be Provision and the use of trash cans and bins available to the public.

.Proper waste management systems like recycling for example should be promoted.

.Change of behavior and mindset can also be vital in this campaign.


Benefits/Importance of Good Sanitation

.Healthy life for all. There will be less or no sicknesses and diseases in the communities and the country as a whole.

.All the gutters and sewers will be clean and so will the streets and there will be a clean country.

.There will be low budget expenditure for the government on sanitation in general which will help the nation to spend money on other important sectors like health, agriculture and education.

.There will be less flooding and less loss of properties


Roles of Volunteers

.They get trained to educate the local people through class sessions in schools or in community group meetings with the members of the community.

.Volunteers teach some of the basic good sanitation practices to children and other members of a community who need to learn about it.

.The volunteers also help in organizing cleanup activities in schools and villages or towns that we work in.