International Contacts

All our international contacts serve as volunteer mentors and advisors for all our volunteers in their respective countries. They are ever ready to share some personal experiences and knowledge with you and also answer all of your questions with regards to you going to volunteer in Ghana. All of them are past volunteers who did some volunteer work in Ghana in the past years and have dedicated their time and resources to serve as volunteer mentors and ambassadors for the WORLD CONNECT organization. All our contacts abroad represent the organization in their country of residence and so which ever country you will apply from, we will connect you to one of our representatives from your country who you can contact in person by setting up meetings, phone calls or video calls. We will only give you the phone numbers and email addresses of these contacts abroad after your application is accepted and you are preparing to travel to Ghana because of privacy and safety reasons.




Stuttgart, Germany

She was a volunteer in Ghana for ONE year doing care and teaching project. That is from September 2016 to September 2017



Luneburg, Germany

She was a volunteer in Ghana for a period of one year doing the care and teaching project from September 2016 to September 2017



Yorkshire, England

Max has volunteered in Ghana twice as a care volunteer working with children from very young age and teenagers as well. He was a volunteer for 3 months in the year 2016 ans went back to visit and volunteer again for just one month in 2017.



Gronau (Westfalen), Germany

Jasmin did her internship in Ghana from February to April 2017 on a care project working with kids at a care center and teaching HIV lessons to students in Junior High school. She came back to Ghana shortly after to visit and also to experience the famous cape coast festival in the end of August and the beginning of September same year. (2017).



Guernsey, Channel Islands &

Derby/Manchester, U.K

Yvette has been to Ghana on three different occasions, the first two times as a care volunteer in the years 2014 and 2015 and the third time she came to Ghana was to visit and attend a friends wedding in 2016.



St. gallen, Switzerland.

Felix was a volunteer in Ghana for a period of one month. From the beginning of August 2017 to the end.



Cologne, Germany

Johanna came to the first time in 2016 for six months as a teaching volunteer and returned in the summer 2017 to visit for 3 months and also do some small volunteer work.



Boskoop, Netherlands

Romy did her internship in Ghana from March to June 2017 researching on health issues of children under the age of 5.



Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

Justin came to Ghana from March to June 2017 for her internship as a nurse in one of the district hospitals.



Antwerp, Belgium

Myrthe did her internship in Ghana as a nurse for the period of three months in a district hospital.



Delaware, United States

Mr Wright volunteered in Ghana for one month as a paramedic in the cape coast teaching hospital.