Custom Group Trips

You can apply to volunteer as an individual, as a family or as a group.

Types of Custom Group Trips:

  • High school groups
  • College/university groups
  • Corporate groups
  • Sports groups
  • Music and dance groups
  • Arts groups
  • Family trips

Individual volunteering

You can always sign up as a standard individual volunteer on any of our projects and stay as long as you want to volunteer for. Volunteering solo comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages. When you volunteer on your own, you become more independent and you learn how to find solutions for some problems by yourself without consulting anyone for help or anything of that sort.

Volunteering as a family

Family volunteering trips are one of the unique ways to travel abroad to do some service work. Instead of going on a ski vacation in winter time and summer holidays with your family in some of the vacation resorts around the world, just sign up as a family and volunteer in Ghana. The experience alone is unforgettable. We personalize and customize our family volunteering trips to your personal situation regarding your project and accommodation. You can sign up with your husband, wife, kids, cousins, uncles, aunties, grandparents and so on.
All kids between the ages of 5-14 years will pay half the price of the normal fees. Kids are allowed on family trips but not babies. At least your kid should be 5 or 6 years old and above. Some families take this kind of volunteering trips to bond as a family and also use this kind of trips to teach their kids how to grow in a new environment, learn a new skill and explore new places. You are also allowed to bring other extended family members/relatives on your family trips, as well as friends who are very close to you.

Group trips

As for other institutions like schools and companies, we arrange flexible and adjustable trips for groups of students from High School, college students from the same or different university departments or faculties, work employees or colleagues, sports teams and so on. We arrange group trips to suit your exact goals and interests as a group and also organize projects to suit your length of stay, depending on the availability of your time and VISA requirements.

Almost all the individual project options that we offer can be regrouped or re framed for groups. All you have to do is make a decision as a group, choose the kind of project(s) you are interested in doing and then apply.

Once the decision and the application is done, you can get hold of us and we can all have a basic common plan and do further discussions to fit your needs and interests as a group. In a case whereby you have a group that is also interested in doing some volunteering work in Ghana, but have a different idea or project which is not mentioned on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out if the two parties can come up with something and set up a customized project for your group.

Our great team of staff will be working around the clock to assist you before and after your arrival in Ghana. They will assist the group with accommodation, transport, services, project placement overview and getting to know your new environment in general.

Advantages for student and employees on group trips

  • You gain experience working in a diverse environment and in a diverse team with the local staff and fellow peers.
  • Group volunteering also helps you to gain insight and some level of understanding into some major problems that affects Ghana as a country.
  • It helps you to develop or improve your leadership work as a group through daily challenges.
  • Volunteer group trips helps the whole group with great bonding experience that will benefit every single individual in the group after their return back home to their various countries.
  • It also helps you to learn how to be innovative in a new and different environment with limited resources and on to of all these, you will experience what we stand for which is the cultural diversity, which is very different from what you are used to back home in your country.

Advantages for a teacher/professor and manager of groups

  • This kind of group trips enables teachers and different managers of companies to work in a different setting with their students or workers which helps them to develop better and stronger relationships.
  • Group trips of this kinds helps managers and teachers to improve or develop their leadership skills in bringing organize a trip for or with them.
  • Group trips teaches or make managers and teachers more responsible as they try to make sure nothing goes wrong the entire trip.

Benefits for schools or companies and the community of the people they work with

  • Group trips establish a unique relationship between these groups and the various organizations or project placement in Ghana.
  • It also opens the door for future volunteer group service trips and experiences.
  • It brings about cultural exchange whereby the locals learn from the group of volunteers and vice versa.
  • Supporting developing communities in Ghana with some positive ideologies.