At WAHEF, our goal is simple: to improve the quality of healthcare and education in West Africa


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What Drives Us

Real Challenges, Real Results

We strive to make measurable impacts on our communities, and that means being honest and transparent about our results.

Your experience starts on day one. You will work directly with our team to learn the challenges facing our communities, and to understand what barriers stand in the way of sustainable change. You will work side-by-side with our team, community leaders, and fellow volunteers to develop a plan to tackle these challenges, and to ensure you have the resources you need to deliver.

Connecting Global Citizens

Our volunteers are centrally located in Cape Coast, Ghana, to enable them to share their experiences, and create an environment of support and purpose.

What does that mean for you? It means you have the network of our local staff and the expertise of global medical and education experts available to you every single day. Every volunteer will gain exposure from direct placements at schools and hospitals, through outreach programs such as our free mobile health clinic, and through our weekly all-hands round table meetings.

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Our Projects

Mobile Health Clinic

Preventative health screenings, population health monitoring, educational seminars, and basic health services – these activities are the foundation of our mobile clinic, which help us to serve the most at-risk communities in the villages and towns surrounding Cape Coast, Ghana.

Special Needs & Care Center Volunteers

Throughout West Africa, children with special needs and disabilities are often placed into daycare centers and schools that struggle to provide individual care and support. As a volunteer with a focus on early childhood development and special needs, you will have the opportunity to add structure and support to these children, and learn alongside the teachers who have made it their mission to improve the lives of those in need.

Hospital Placements

Experience working in a large, regional hospital, with a focus on labor & delivery or general surgery, or in a local clinic, to understand the challenges of diagnosing and treating patients with real resource constraints. Our program and partnerships are developed for medical professionals looking to make a direct contribution, or medical students looking to drive positive health outcomes in the developing world.

IT Education Centers

Work alongside teachers, school administrators, education authorities, and PTA’s to influence and improve the quality of IT education and computer literacy. As we fund more IT classrooms, we look for volunteers to support curriculum development and improve the classroom experience.


Poor infrastructure and lack of sanitation education exacerbate common health problems, allowing preventable infections such as malaria, cholera, and guinea worm to spread. Work with local schools and communities to create and implement sanitation education, and to support development and construction of sanitation facilities.


Use sports as a means of educating kids through lots of different educational activities and help them develop not only their various talents but also learn about integrated educational curriculum programs for children which focuses on health topics and social problems.

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Discover West Africa

You’ll Never Want to Leave

Be it the people, the culture, the wildlife, or the food, one thing’s for sure – you’ll love West Africa.

From our headquarters in beautiful Cape Coast, Ghana, you’ll have the opportunity to explore West Africa, and experience its rich cultural heritage, with the support from our local team. Just steps from our office you’ll find Cape Coast Castle, pristine beaches, and countless restaurants to anchor your stay here. And whether you want to spend a weekend surfing, or go on safari in a national park, we’re confident there’s something for everybody. We work with you to schedule and arrange activities to ensure you have the opportunity to experience everything the region has to offer.

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